Committed to sustainability

Albanwise Wallace Estates is committed to sustainability and ecological drive. We have recently created Albanwise Synergy Ltd, a business dedicated to investment in renewable energy sources. We already have solar panels and wind turbines at several sites and intend to make further significant investment in this space, including clean energy provisions and EV points for residential developments and consumers.

To find out more about Albanwise Synergy’s Ltd renewable energy development visit the website

Supporting net zero

Albanwise Environment Ltd and Albanwise Farming Ltd are ideally placed to acquire individual operational assets or wider associated freeholds as they are able to draw on the established stewardship heritage that is at the core of our operations, both within our farms and residential leasehold portfolios.

This will enable us to support the UK’s target of achieving net zero carbon emissions to tackle the impacts of climate change.

Enhancing our landscapes

Across our assets we play host to crucial wetland regeneration schemes, preserve wildlife habitats and manage flood risk. To find out more about how we safeguard our natural landscapes visit the Albanwise Environment Ltd website.

  • We manage tens of thousands of trees, over 200 miles of hedges and more than 40 miles of public footpaths.
  • We contribute to the conservation of several native species including the wild English partridge.
  • We partner with other organisations with the common aim of safeguarding the UK’s natural landscapes.

Natural Capital

The environmental resources available to the group from which sustainable economic benefits can be sourced